Sir (restlessechoes) wrote in dtl_gresham,

Volunteer opportunity.

Discovery Theatre Lab is based in gresham, or. Our next production, "The Tower-Maiden's Daughter": a fairytale thriller, opens February 24.

If you are passionate about theatre and its enrichment for a community, I'd like to encourage you to volunteer in our effort. There is much activity and creation that can be still done: sewing, painting. If you don't feel artistically inclined, consider spreading play advertisements/flyers to get the word out, taking tickets, assisting the audience, or doing any number of things to help support the collective experience of all collaborators involved. All volunteers are entitled to see the show for free, be mentioned in the program.

Discovery Theatre Lab is dedicated to creating theatre and promoting theatre activity in Gresham, OR.

For more information, or to volunteer in the effort and cheerlead us on to a beautiful result, contact The Lab's artistic director (Jeff Puukka) at
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