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St. Michele

One of our foremost collaborators was the subject of an article in gresham's "Outlook".

One of the observations I have made about St. Michele is her fearlessness and passion in creating a venue for artists of all calibers to perform in. When I first met Michele I was not sure what to think. I was extremely cynical and jaided at that time in my life, (and still am to a degree). I did not trust sincerity when I encountered it. Flash forward a few years, and the G.L.T.'s theatre spaces have hosted the work of a scatterbrained plethora of programs, companies, schools, and ensembles. Indeed, without the support of Michele's G.L.T. venues, EMACC, and the Tobey family, Discovery Theatre Lab would not exist in any physical form. This is perhaps most important to note in reflection of the fact that Michele and I are excited about doing very different kinds of work. Our aesthetic goals and values, our approaches are very different.

However, I've said it before, and I'll say it again: The idea of ongoing theatre and arts activity in Gresham is a collective ambition. -- However, this is a lesson I learned from Michele during a meeting at city hall four years ago, and I now tend to celebrate the notion. Our community has many faces, muses, and ideals. So long as there are passionate people in Gresham who want to exhale their experience and reactions to the world through theatre/the arts, Gresham's fledgling artistic community will continue to diversify and develop. Flash forward a few more years into the future, and the result will no doubt be very rich.

We owe much to the G.L.T. and Michele's efforts!


(Michele Brouse-Peoples
Producing Director; Gresham Little Theater
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